A Huge donation

This past weekend, Hugh Leonard posted on the FB EHE page that he donated $180,000 to Dr. Rubin's laboratory at the Cleveland Clinic. This is a monumental event since that type of money can substantively advance the EHE science we all want to see. Every dollar can make a difference since it means we can obtain needed equipment and supplies for experiments that will have a real impact on our understanding of EHE. Large sums make an even bigger impact since that means Dr. Rubin can hire technical or scientific support (read, post-doctoral fellow). That, in turn, allows experiments be done more rapidly. In short, more resources and suppies translates into more science and answers.

I'm in awe of Hugh's accomplishment since CRAVAT Foundation has been raising money for Dr. Rubin over the past 5 years, and while we've done well, we're not at that level (yet)....and Hugh did it over a very short period of time. I hope to have him contribute to the blog soon so that he can share his special, I mean especially effective, methods of fund raising.