Scanxiety: what's the best solution?

One of the frequent contributors to the FB page mentioned yesterday she gets  'scanxiety' - a perfect word to describe what we all experience before those big days. Everyone handles it differently. My approach: blissful denial in the days leading up; as in, 'oh, everything will be alright'. There's no downside since the approach won't change or avoid any actual findings. So, it's entirely safe and time proven as long as you don't stay in that mode if there's something that needs attention. Moreover, since radiologists nearly always 'over read' films (CYA-based reflex; this truism is based on our experience but appears very reproducible). So, if (there won't be...but) they see something, don't freak out - it could be an entirely normal thing but they just can't resist scaring you (I've been there more than once). I'lll address the whole, "Denial v Over-reaction" in another issue issue of this blog. Please don't hesitate to post if you have something to add.

There's a youtube on this topic from MSK: